Chabad of Tribeca/Soho moves sukkah from Duane Park to private lot

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After locals and residents voiced objections over Chabad of Tribeca/Soho's plan to build a sukkah in Duane Park, the community board worked out a deal that will allow the group to build the sukkah on a private lot instead. The concerns over building the sukkah -- a traditional covered structure used in celebrating the Jewish harvest festival Sukkot -- were that it would clog the park's pathway. Additionally, residents were concerned about allowing a religious structure to be erected in a public space. Luckily, the owners of 70 Warren Street, an empty private lot nearby, offered Chabad space to build their sukkah.

Duane Park will host the upcoming Inside Tribeca Loft Tour later this month; the fundraiser brings in thousands of dollars necessary for maintaining the park. The community believed that the sukkah would have clogged the park's footpath, and made the fundraiser impossible.

The compromise leaves both parties happy. The Inside Tribeca Loft Tour can continue, and the sukkah will still be accessible to all community members. You can visit the Chaba of Tribeca/Soho's sukkah during Sukkot, from October 12 through 19th at 70 Warren Street; the Inside Tribeca Loft Tour will take place on October 16th in Duane Park.

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