Chaps, Flappers and Fams Swinging on Govs. Island

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"I was heading to Governors Island on the ferry Aug. 20 for the sixth biannual Jazz Age Lawn Party.

Everyone was glad that the weather had turned out nicely-even during the event, the event's organizers made an announcement saying how glad they were that people had the faith to come out despite the warnings of rain.

It seemed as if people had definitely prepared. There was a group of people on the dance floor who knew all the steps. A good portion of the people were wearing clothing from the era. Looking around at the crowd, I scoped out who I thought was the best dressed. I really liked the girl sitting down with the hat and the red lipstick-she had one of the best outfits. Whole families had even come dressed up together. There was definitely a recognition and appreciation for the fashion of the time, along with a general enthusiasm for the event, among the partygoers.

Being on Governors Island in this secluded little area, it certainly felt like we'd stepped into a time machine." - as told to Marissa Maier

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