Charles Rangel Thanks Cuomo for His Support, But He Might Not Actually Have It

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At a press conference this afternoon to accept an endorsement from City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Rep. Charlie Rangel thanked all of the public officials who had endorsed him, including one who has not. At least, not publicly. "I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg, the Governor and the other public officials who put their names on the line in saying that, as far as they're concerned, I deserve a renewal, a re-up for another two years," he said. But the governor has not endorsed Rangel, at least not publicly. Asked "has the governor endorsed you?" Rangel responded, "Well thats a good question. I assumed that he had," he said, his eyes widening, as he thought for a second. "Well that's good! He always does and I just personally haven't asked," he said. Rangel went on to say he has a party tonight for his supporters, at the Sheraton Hotel from 6-8 p.m. Asked whether the governor would attend, Rangel seemed a bit confused. "I don't know! But it was my impression that all of the ex-mayors ? Dinkins, Koch and Bloomberg and the Governor were all going to be on the same page. But I'm glad that you mentioned that because sometimes you can get ahead of yourself in the heat of the campaign." UPDATE: A Cuomo administration spokesman emails us the governor "has a family obligation so he is unable to attend" Rangel's party tonight. To read the full article at City & State [click here. ](

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