Cheating Girlfriend Kills Boyfriend

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A pregnant woman in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn ran over her bicycling boyfriend with her Nissan Pathfinder this morning, killing him. Jeanine Harrington, 25, found herself [driving down the wrong side of the street] and over a curb, striking Jeffrey Moore, 47, and then backing up to do it all over again. If at first you don't succeed... Eventually, she tired, pulled the crushed bike out from underneath her car and drove away from the scene. According to friends, she had already [tried killing him once](,0,4926788.story?coll=ny-top-headlines) last week, by hitting him with her car—it seems her preferred weapon of choice—outside of a liquor store. But wait, there’s more melodrama to come! Harrington aka “Princess” ultimately abandoned the vehicle down the block from the [home she shares with another man](, according to police. Now if that isn’t adding insult to, uh, murder, we don’t know what is. Still, Harrington is nothing if not devoted, talk about finishing what you started.

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