Chicken Joints Get Their 15 Minutes

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In the wee early hours of Tuesday morning, [four teenagers were wounded] in a hail of bullets near Kennedy Fried Chicken on Archer Street in the Bronx. A 17-year-old boy was seriously injured, taking hits to the chest, wrist and leg; he is now in stable condition at Jacobi Medical Center, where the other victims were also taken: an 18-year-old girl who was shot in the leg, a 19-year-old man wounded in the leg and buttocks and another 19-year-old man who was hit in both legs, according to police. [Cops are currently investigating]( what prompted the fight—perhaps a jealous quarrel over the last breast piece?

Yesterday, a driver suffering from apparently [severe leg cramps] lost control of her car and smashed through the front window of a Harlem restaurant where several patrons were celebrating Memorial Day the Popeye's way. Six chicken-chomping customers were injured and subsequently [taken to Harlem Hospital](, while police had to cut the driver out of the vehicle. Bad day to be jonesing for fowl.

Photo courtesy of [nukeit1 on Flickr

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