Children Live In Pig Sty—Literally

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A Long Island dad, who has been locked in a custody battle with his wife, [broke into her home] yesterday after neighbors hinted that the children were being neglected. What Raymond Young, 42, found should have an interesting affect on his custody hearing. Inside, bottles of urine, human feces, dead animals and [trash carpet the floors]( Reporters say the smell is suffocating.

Young’s estranged wife and three daughters have been living in his Lindenhurst home since the couple agreed to divorce back in August 2001. Because Young is accused of child abuse, he hasn’t had the right to see his kids in about six years. But when neighbors told him that they had seen the girls trying to keep warm in the car, Young decided to check things out for himself. His conclusion after seeing the state of the house is that his wife is guilty of worse than abuse—torture.

Because this is an ongoing divorce and custody case, the Suffolk County Court system was supposedly watching this family. The law guardian assigned was not reachable last night and there has been no forthcoming explanation as to how this could have gone unreported for so long.

The real kicker? The mother and children weren't home yesterday and friends say they may be on a ski trip.

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