Chris Brown and Drake Sued for $16M over Soho Club Fight

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By Paul Bisceglio A [brawl]( in June between rapper Chris Brown's and R&B singer Drake's crews at Soho's Greenhouse left nearly two dozen club goers injured. Now, Entertainment Enterprises, which owns the trademark for Greenhouse, is suing the two stars on the grounds that the fight damaged the club's reputation. The company filed a $16 million claim against the pair on Wednesday. The lawsuit contends that before the fight, the company had reached a $4 million "agreement-in-principle" to license the Greenhouse brand to nightclubs around the country, according to [DNAinfo]( "The cachet and prestige associated with the Greenhouse marks" was lost, however, the lawsuit argues, once they "became associated with the kind of violent, life-threatening riot engaged in by [Brown and Drake]." [caption id="attachment_54782" align="alignleft" width="266" caption="Drake, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons."]([/caption] Brown's representatives have not commented on the suit, and Drake's representatives have said he was leaving the club when the fight broke out and did not injure anyone. The lawsuit maintains that no matter how directly involved the two were, though, they still instigated -- or at least made no effort to stop -- the fight, according to [CBS]($16m-over-nyc-nightclub-brawl/). N.Y.P.D. temporarily closed the club after the incident, but allowed it to reopen once it paid a fine and hired more security. The State Liquor Authority has fined Greenhouse before for other fights and bad behavior, according to DNAinfo. No criminal charges have been filed in the fight. The actual owners of the club are not involved in the lawsuit, and have not commented on it.

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