City & State: Cuomo’s New York City Agenda Freezes Out Bloomberg

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One of the few heated spots in the state Capitol complex yesterday was the conference room where Mayor Michael Bloomberg talked to reporters after Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address. The governor likes his rooms ice-cold; Bloomberg’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor, was hugging herself for warmth. ---

“At least it’s warm in here!” the mayor said as he walked in.

“At least at City Hall you can afford heat,” CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer said.

“No, we can’t afford it,” Bloomberg shot back. “But we provide it.”

In other words, relations between the governor and the mayor are literally chilly.

Cuomo’s priorities for the coming year include big plans for New York City. The governor’s staff did not consult with the mayor’s staff before preparing them, but instead presented them as a done deal shortly before the event.

Cuomo called for redeveloping a huge swath of the West Side of Manhattan, building the nation’s largest convention center in Queens, taking more control of teacher evaluations and ending New York City’s practice of fingerprinting food stamp applicants – which the mayor has always defended as a prudent anti-fraud measure.

“People try to make us battling all the time,” Bloomberg said. “That is just not true. I think a lot of these things where people are yelling and screaming, you’ll find we’ll work them out. I am very optimistic.”

Still, many observers agreed Cuomo’s speech was a clear slap at the mayor.

The team at City & State travelled to Albany for Cuomo's State of the State address. To read Editor, Adam Lisberg's full article, click [here]. 

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