Clean Janitor Says Detectives Are Dirty

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The school custodian [cleared of rape charges] after [an 8-year-old student accused him]( last week has now accused cops of some pretty slimy behavior themselves. Francis Evelyn claims that [detectives confronted him with a phony DNA chart]( that they said proved he attacked the girl, and then offered him a deal to change his plea from innocent to guilty. The Daily News says NYPD spokesman Michael Collins refused to comment on Evelynís allegations. Evelynís says he won't return to work, fearing the break in his 20 years of unmarred service has spoiled his reputation for good. When the news of Evelynís arrest first broke, parents claimed they would pull their children out of P.S. 91, where the abuse was said to have been perpetrated. Now, some parents plan to mount protests to demand his reinstatement. Principal Solomon Long, who was suspended after being accused of ignoring past complaints of sexual abuse on school grounds, said the girl [first claimed another student had raped her](, then pointed her finger at Evelyn, but neither story panned out. The Daily News reports that the girlís mother also said her father may have sexually assaulted her, but police could not confirm that either.

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