Clowning Around

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What is it about clowns that inexplicably draw numerous trusting children to a full-grown stranger and simultaneously give adults the shivers? Maybe it’s the fact that they’re always happy (because they’re smiles are literally painted on) and children long to believe their own state of contentedness can last forever, (while adults are resentful of such a loud reminder that life will inevitably turn sour). Sounds depressing, huh? Well how about this to turn that frown upside down: A clown—bear with me—who reinterprets…the Bible! That’s just what Lucas Caleb Rooney does in his new show aptly titled, Creation: A Clown Show. Now this is something innocent kids and jaded grownups can both enjoy. Co-created by Rooney and OBIE Winner director Orlando Pabotoy, the performance will make you feel all funny inside. But, not to worry, that’s just happiness (I hope). So come see Genesis in a whole new light: it’s funny, it’s physical, it’s clownishly simple and, best of all, it’s make believe! Now there are some descriptors I bet you never thought you’d hear referring to God’s word. Who knows, maybe original sin won’t have the same sting, and we’ll all be granted everlasting bliss. 

Through September 10. Theater Five, 311 W. 43rd St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-868-4444; 7 p.m. Mon. & Wed.-Sat.; 2 p.m. Sat. & Sun., $31.50-$39.50.

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