Coalition Against Soda Ban Trying To Amass Support

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Brooklyn flooded with picketers voicing opposition against Bloomberg proposal More contention against Mayor Bloomberg's [proposed soda ban]( bloomed again this weekend, as the New Yorkers for Beverage Choices hit the sands of Brooklyn this weekend in effort to voice their opinion. Members of the coalition, along with supports of the coalition's efforts, canvassed along Coney Island on Saturday and Rockaway Beach on Sunday, encouraging the New York population to join them and fight Bloomberg's new sugar-sweetened beverage ban, which restricts the sale of 16 oz. sodas (or larger, no loopholes in this bill) in movie theaters, restaurants, delis, and more. One of the coalitions spokespersons said that this weekend's omphalos was not to only to publicize the coalition and its efforts, (according to its radio advertisement, it's about "protecting our freedom of choice) but to "encourage people to voice their opinion". On the plane-led banner flying above Brooklyn canvassers, the NYBC's Facebook page was promoted alongside a Seinfeld-inspired "No Drink 4 U!" The coalition also uses Twitter, [@NYCBevChoices](!/NYCBevChoices). Furthermore, this Wednesday, some coalition members, there are 479 in total, and city council members will lead a walking tour of East Harlem, stopping at local stores, delis, and restaurants, to gain those establishments' opinions on the soda ban. According to the NYBC's official website, there are 38399 signed petitioners as of Monday, compared to 12784 reported in [one of our articles from Tuesday](http://, so it seems like the movement is gaining momentum, but it would seem it'll take a lot more momentum than that to stop Bloomberg's momentous ban. -Nick Gallinelli

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