Why arethere no black stars in the big four networks' new fall lineup? Becauseblacks watch a lot of tv, sometimes twice as much as the average boob-tube-addictedwhite viewer. That advertisers therefore don't court them seems counterintuitive,but it makes sense when you understand the weird new world of "narrowcasting."
Let'slook at the typical heavy tv consumer, as they say in the trade. She'sfemale (60 percent of the prime-time audience); she's old (people over50 watch an hour more per day than the core target demographic of 18-to-49-year-olds);and there's a good chance she's black (the set's on 70 hoursper week in black households, versus 50 hours per week in white ones). She is,in other words, Touched by an Angel, a hugely popular CBS show that features,probably not coincidentally, a black, female, over-50 co-star.