Columbia University Cheaters Get Off

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Columbia University is in the midst of a cheating scandal after a professor allegedly [shared the contents of an exam] with her students prior to the test date.  The New York Post reports that the tenure-track associate professor, identified as Wen Jin by students, told the budding Ivy Leaguers in her Literature Humanities section which passages from the books they’d studied over the course of the year would be included in last Friday’s exam. Is that really cheating? I thought that was teaching…

But being the smart students that they are, they spread “study guides” containing the info across campus. Mysteriously, Columbia decided yesterday not to punish any of the cheaters. Apparently, a committee found that the students weren’t at fault—just like juries find rapists innocent because they just can’t help themselves when presented with a scantily clad woman. Not that these kids are rapists or anything … No word yet as to whether Prof. Wen Jin will be disciplined.

In other education news, [city public schools] can look forward to receiving roughly $400,000 this fall thanks to a new funding formula that equates cash flow with student characteristics, including their family income and ability to speak English. Schools Chancellor Joel Klein yesterday revealed the new plan, which is hoped to ensure that schools of similar size and demographics get the same amount of city tax dollars.

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