Con Artiste Gets Into Harvard

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Esther Elizabeth Reed, 28, didnít get into the nationís top universities legitimately, per se, but it seems she probably couldíve if she had bothered. [This con artist was able to get into schools like Harvard and Columbia], where she studied criminology and psychology (how apt), by stealing other peopleís identities, including a womanís who has been missing for over seven years. Reed attended Columbia for two whole years of graduate school as Brooke Henson before investigators found out about the scam. Whoís ivy league material now, eh? Reed, herself, has been listed as a missing person since 1999, when she was last seen leaving a Seattle courthouse, where she was facing charges for forging checks she had stolen from her sister. Poor sis. Smart, cruel and with a penchant for higher educationóa dangerous combination. Authorities donít believe Reed had anything to do with Hensonís disappearance, but they say the schools have been none too cooperative in helping to piece together what happened.

Photo courtesy of [wallyg on Flickr]

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