Con Ed Guessed on a Bunch of Electricity Bills This Summer Based on Rudimentary Math

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The New York Times is reporting Con Ed may have overcharged numerous electricity consumers this summer because of limited access to meters during the lockout. Many customers were charged more than ever despite, in some cases, being out of town for much of the summer. (by Alissa Fleck) At first, reports the Times, Con Ed blamed July's supposedly unusually warm weather conditions. After the Times called their bluff, explaining July was in fact not as hot as July of 2011, Con Ed changed their tune, blaming "union troubles," according to Gothamist. Con Ed decided charges based on meters in Staten Island, Westchester County and the Bronx which the company could read remotely during the lockout. A spokesman for Con Ed said meter readings in those locations were "10 to 15 percent higher than what [they] anticipated [them] to be during July." Because of this, the company decided to add approximately 10 percent to electricity consumption estimates for customers whose meters were not read in July, reports the Times. Reportedly, Con Ed will adjust consumers' bills to the appropriate amount if they can prove they were overcharged. The bigger issue seems to be Con Ed taking its customers for a bunch of rubes.

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