Always Controversial "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1" to be released on DVD November 8th

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Ayn Rand's controversial book Atlas Shrugged has been adopted by many Tea Party-ers as a manifesto of sorts due to its themes of staunch individualism, small government, and big industry. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the studio behind this latest theatrical adaptation is Fox Studios. Mildly surprising, however, was the way that Fox and the Tea Party used each other for mutual promotion through Atlas Shrugged: Part 1's release. Going forward, it remains to be seen whether the DVD and Blu-Ray release will create another perfect storm of mutual publicity.

Many Tea Party politicians promoted the film's release on their websites or Facebook pages, thus leading to more publicity for the movie as well as themselves. However, the film was released in such a limited manner (on fewer than 300 screens at first) and to such a lukewarm reception (critics almost all panned the film) that it will be interesting to see what happens when the DVD is released. Will the Tea Party again help promote Fox's film? The DVD/Blu-Ray is being released in a very limited manner, like the film; the DVD and Blu-Ray will be released only in America which, since the Tea Party exists only in America and is likely to be the only demographic likely to actually pay money for the DVD or Blu-Ray, is a smart marketing choice, yet still incredibly limited. Does Fox Studio not care about reaching anyone in any other country who might be a big fan of Ayn Rand? Is this just another subtle way for Fox to push the Tea Party agenda? Will people actually buy the DVD of a movie that almost no one seemed to like in the first place? These are questions that will have to wait for November 8th to be answered. All I know is, someone should ask Michele Bachmann, "Who is John Galt?". I'm sure whatever crazy, faux-factual answer she would come up with in response would be far more entertaining than Atlas Shrugged: Part 1.

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