Cops Score At Scores New York, Kinda

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It seems a bevy of strippers offered a gaggle of undercover cops high-priced sex. [Police say that dancers at Scores in Chelsea used the back room as their own personal brothel, charging anywhere from $200 to $750] depending on the sex act. Five strippers and two male managers were arrested for promoting prostitution when Manhattan South vice cops raided the club on Wednesday night. One of the dancers, Colleen Matthews, 22, who lives at her parents’ place in Livingston, N.J. (we guess stripping and hooking don’t pay what it used to), allegedly offered to perform oral sex on an undercover cop for $500—but she denies such accusations to the Daily News. The others who have been brought up on charges also refute the fact that anything illegal has been going on at Scores; the manager guarantees there is “no friction” and another stripper claims her “mother would kill” her if there were. We hate to say it sweetie, but I doubt mommy would be too proud that her little girl makes her living swinging tassels on her tits either.(

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