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Con Ed Con

A man was scammed by an individual impersonating an employee from Con Edison. At 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 28, a 51-year-old Queens man working on Broadway received the latest in a series of calls from an individual impersonating an employee from Con Edison, stating that the victim owed Con Edison money and if he did not pay, his utilities would be discontinued. The victim had paid the perpetrator $1,034.95 to date. The perpetrator called the victim from the phone number 801-822-0666 and claimed to be "Carlos Soriano".

The Riverside Ripper

Last Tuesday, a 43-year-old man went on a rampage, stabbing random passersby in Riverside Park. At 7:57 a.m. on October 1, a 43-year-old man wielding scissors stabbed the following individuals in Riverside Park at West 63rd Street: a 36-year-old female jogger, whom he wounded in the back of her torso; a 35-year-old man walking his dog; a 32-year-old female jogger, wounded in the back of her torso and stabbed in her neck; a 35-year-old man walking in the park with his son, stabbed twice in the chest; and his one-year-old son, stabbed in the left arm while in the arms of his father. The defendant was apprehended, arrested, and charged with assault. The victims were taken to Roosevelt and St. Luke's hospitals.

Parking Violation

A driver was arrested after running over a traffic agent's foot while attempting to evade receiving a parking violation. At 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday, September 25, while a 45-year-old female traffic agent was attempting to issue a parking violation, a 51-year-old female driver drove off to prevent the agent from issuing the summons. As the driver made her move, she ran over the agent's right foot with her vehicle, causing swelling and pain. The driver was arrested and charged with assault.

Windowsill Wipeout

On Saturday, September 28, a 41-year-old man living on West 72nd Street found jewelry missing from a box he left on his windowsill. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the missing jewelry, which the victim had last seen on September 25. There were no signs of forced entry, and various people had keys to the victim's apartment. The items stolen were a William Thomas wedding band valued at $24,000, various jewelry priced at $15,000, diamond stud earrings worth $11,000, various bracelets costing $3,500, a William Thomas wedding ring valued at $1,000, a William Thomas gold-and-diamond piece priced at $500, gold chains valued at $500, and various kinds of jewelry costing $500. The total jewelry jack amounted to $56,000.

The Italian Job

Items of jewelry were removed from a woman's apartment while she was away in Italy. At 12 noon on Thursday, August 15, a 30-year-old woman left her apartment on West 68th Street to take a 14-day trip to Italy. Upon her return on September 28 at 7 p.m., she noticed items missing from a jewelry box. There were no signs of forced entry. Her housekeeper had keys and had visited the apartment twice while the woman was away. Her building superintendent also had keys to her apartment. Items stolen were a gold vintage chain linked bracelet valued at $10,000, burgundy jewelry costing $7,000, a gold piece with four small diamonds valued at $5,000, a gold vine engraved with small diamonds costing $2,000, and Paris gold hoops priced at $1,000. The total amount of the missing jewelry came to $25,000.

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