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Lock Your Doors, People!

Someone stole property from the apartment of a woman living on West 64th Street. At 5 PM on Saturday, October 12, a 47-year-old woman left her apartment door unlocked and went out for a few hours. When she returned, she noticed items of property missing. There was no video available of the robbery. Items stolen were a Chanel necklace valued at $1,700, a Louis Vuitton purse costing $1,600, an Alexandre jacket priced at $1,500, a Chanel necklace costing $1,300, an Apple iPad 2 valued at $700, a Burberry scarf priced at $500, Stuart Weitzman boots costing $500, and a J. Crew scarf valued at $100. The total stolen amounted to $7,900.

Peripatetic Pickpocket

A pickpocket has been busy stealing wallets in the West Side subways. At 10:45 AM on Wednesday, November 6, a 30-year-old woman took her Metro Card from her wallet and boarded a northbound number 3 train at 14th Street and Seventh Avenue. She placed the wallet into a large purse. She got off the train at 72nd Street and Broadway. While shopping in a chain grocery store, she discovered that her wallet was gone. An unknown perpetrator had charged $100 to her debit card at an MTA vending machine.

At 3 PM on Saturday, November 2, a 25-year-old woman got off the subway at 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue and realized that her wallet was missing. She later discovered unauthorized charges on her debit card of $113 and her credit card of $113.

At 5:40 PM on Tuesday, November 5, a 35-year-old woman had her wallet in her purse when she got on the subway. When she got back to her home on West 84th Street, she realized that her wallet was missing. She later found out that $500 had been charged to her Chase debit card at a Home Depot in the Bronx.

Sneaker Sneak

At 11:53 PM on Friday, November 1, a 22-year-old woman was walking though the Lincoln Plaza tunnel to the train station when a man came up to her and slapped her with his open hand and pushed her to the ground. He took both her sneakers and fled the location. After the police arrived at the scene, two unknown men returned her sneakers to Lincoln Center security. Police searched the area but were unable to find the slapper. The victim herself was uncooperative and refused to sign a lost or stolen property form. The sneakers were Nike Free Runs valued at $100.

Unauthorized Haul

Garbage haulers stole the property in a man's bag outside of a garage on West 60th Street. At 5:48 AM on Saturday, November 2, a 46-year-old man from Levittown left a suitcase filled with property in front of the garage while he went looking for the parking attendants to open the garage gate. In his absence, perpetrators got out of a private garbage truck, grabbed the bag and ran away with the man's property. Items stolen were an iPhone worth $400, five pairs of dress pants priced at $200, three pairs of jeans costing $150, five dress shirts totaling $150, and a sweater valued at $75. The total of the garbage haul amounted to $1,095.

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