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Someone stole valuable equipment from a local television news van. While an employee was working in a news van, an unknown person entered the vehicle through the side door without permission and removed property. The employee was unable to give any description of the perpetrator or the latter's direction of flight. The items stolen were a Panasonic E Series 32GB gigabyte P2 card valued at $798, an Anton Bauer camera power cord model Tandem 70 valued at $566, a Viper camera battery model 160L costing $545, Mini Telex IFP earpieces and Micro Telex IFP earpieces priced at $220, two XLR audio and two BNC video valued at $120, a Panasonic E Series 4GB P2 card costing $100, an audio XLR power charger priced at $45, and a cigarette lighter charger valued at $25. The total value of items that vanished from the van was $2,419.

Broome Street


A man was mugged by a gang of thugs on Sixth Avenue. At 7 PM on Thursday, November 7, a 29-year-old man was walking northbound on Sixth Avenue. At the northwest corner of Broome Street and Sixth Avenue, an unknown number of men stopped him, grabbed him, punched him in the face and head, and took his property. The victim could not provide a description of his assailants. Police searched the area but could not find the thugs. Items stolen were a black iPhone 4S valued at $300, $160 in cash, a black leather wallet valued at $50, a New York State driver's license, an NYU student ID, and debit and credit cards.+

Faux Pas

A man shoplifted an expensive jacket from a clothing store on Broome Street. A 28-year-old female employee of the store reported that when reviewing security camera footage, she saw a man remove a jacket from a rack, put the garment in a bag, and leave the store with another man, before fleeing in an unknown direction. The incident took place at 1:50 PM on Friday, November 8. The stolen item was a Pas de Calais jacket valued at $1,500.

True Robbery

Blue jeans were boosted from a clothing store on Prince Street. At 6:30 PM on Saturday, November 9, a 30-year-old man with a female accomplice of unknown age removed items from store shelves and placed them inside a shopping bag without permission or authorization. The theft was discovered by inventory personnel. Video is available of the incident. The items stolen were seven pairs of True Religion jeans totaling $1,246.

Rip-off Van Winkle

A man was arrested after attempting to steal the cell phone of a sleeping passenger on an E train. At 3:25 AM on Saturday, November 9, an arresting officer aboard a train stopped at Chambers Street station observed a 64-year-old man reach into the right jacket pocket of the sleeping passenger ? a 25-year-old man - and remove the latter's cell phone. When approached by police officers, the defendant placed the cell phone on the train seat next to the sleeping passenger, exited the train car, and was then apprehended on the E platform. The thief was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

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