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Vindicated Victim
A 22-year-old man plopped onto a seat on the downtown 1 train last Friday, plugged his earbuds into his iPhone 4S and cranked up the tunes, dozing off to the hum of music in his ears. When he awoke, his headphones were still in place but his phone was gone. Disembarking at Lincoln Center, the victim found a police officer and used a "find my phone" application he had downloaded to the device that pinpointed its location. The GPS showed the phone at 107th Street and Madison Avenue, so police went and did a street-level and horizontal canvass, finding the phone in the clutches of an 18-year-old man, snoozing in a third-floor hallway. The police arrested the man after the victim was able to identify him as a fellow passenger on his earlier subway ride.
Spousal Support
A woman reported to police last week that someone had made unauthorized charges on her Best Buy credit card, racking up a bill of $1,285.64 at the electronics store. Turns out that the thief was her husband, who kicked her out of their shared home in January. He hasn't had contact with her since-if you don't count running up her credit card debt.
Costly Construction Theft
An employee of the company Stonehenge Restoration Inc., which works on home renovations, came to the 20th Precinct to report an odd theft that adds up to big bucks. The employee told police that he and some other workers had secured scaffolding onto the back of a private residence on West End Avenue and left at 5 p.m. on a Friday. When they returned after the weekend, he noticed that the cable securing the scaffolding had been cut and that four scaffold motors had been swiped-each worth $8,000. The rear yard of the building is secured by a metal gate and a padlock, and the building's superintendent said that he noticed no unusual activity over the weekend.
Walk of Assault
A 50-year-old man told police that he was walking down West End Avenue after enjoying a few alcoholic beverages in the wee hours of the morning. Two younger men, apparently noticing his inebriated state and deciding to take advantage of it, approached the victim and beat him up, then stole his wallet, which contained his identification and $1,000 in cash.
Unusual Activity
A woman called the police after her bank, Chase, contacted her to let her know about some hefty transactions that had been made to her and her husband's joint account. The bank told the victim that there had been $250,000 in transfers made from the account and that a fraudulent check for $40,000 had been written and addressed to an unknown person in Brooklyn. Another fake check, for $3,590, had been written against the account, and someone had contacted Verizon and had the couple's phone calls rerouted to a Florida number. The bank was able to correct the erroneous transfers, but the perp is still unknown.
Stolen Saturn
A man from New Paltz drove to the city last week but wasn't able to drive out after he discovered his car missing. He parked on West 68th Street last Thursday night, and when he returned around 10 p.m., the car, a purple 2000 Saturn, was gone. The victim waited to see if he could locate the car on his own, checking local impounds and tow yards, but the vehicle was nowhere to be found. Police didn't find any broken glass as the scene where the $5,000 car was parked, but there were some cameras aimed at the spot that may lead to clues.

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