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Scarfed Up

A couple shoplifted scarves from a clothing store on Spring Street. At 3:15 PM on Saturday, November 16, a man came into the clothing store, looked over various items, and placed six scarves aside on the top of a display case. Then a woman came into the store with two large white shopping bags, placed the six scarves in the bags, and both the man and the woman left the store. The woman had touched several objects, including the display case on which the scarves had been placed. Surveillance video is available of the incident. The items stolen were four Burberry mega check scarves valued at $1,980 and a Burberry classic icon giant scarf valued at $790. The total shoplifted amounted to $2,770.

Black Deed on White Street

Someone broke into a woman's parked SUV on White Street and removed valuable property. At 4:30 PM on Sunday, November 17, a 52-year-old woman from Point Lookout, NY parked her red 2004 Ford Explorer on White Street and went to an event at a restaurant on Laight Street for approximately ninety minutes. When she returned, she found that her car's front passenger-side window had been destroyed and a brown Tumi suitcase in the front passenger's seat was missing, along with a black Michael Kors tote bag. Blood was found on the passenger seat and door, and police took a DNA swab as evidence. Camera footage of the incident may be available. The items stolen were 8mm opera-length pearls valued at $7,500, a 1.25 carat engagement diamond valued at $6,000, an iPad worth $5,000, a Tiffany gold heart necklace priced at $2,500, 20-inch 7.5 mm pearls costing $2,500, Coach sunglasses valued at $300, a Tumi suitcase worth $250, gold earrings valued at $200, and Ray-Ban sunglasses priced at $100. The total stolen amounted to $24,350.

You Sleep You Weep

Someone swiped a woman's handbag and its contents on a southbound Second Avenue bus. At 11 PM on Friday, November 15, a 28-year-old woman boarded a southbound M15 bus at 23rd Street and Second Avenue and fell asleep. At the intersection of Water Street and Fulton Street, she woke up and noticed that her handbag and its contents were missing. She canceled her credit and debit cards; fortunately, no unauthorized transactions have turned up. The items stolen were Juicy Couture glasses valued at $800, Tom Ford sunglasses costing $400, a pair of Bloomingdale's gloves priced at $260, Cole Haan shoes valued at $250, a Tory Burch wallet valued at $200, a Longchamp handbag priced at $200, $160 in cash, make up worth $150, an unlimited Metro Card valued at $112, contact lenses worth $50, an American Eagle hat valued at $30, and a Nalgene bottle worth $5. The total stolen came to $2,617.

Lunch Bag

A woman's bag was taken from a café on Broadway. At 11:30 AM on Wednesday, November 13, a 41-year-old woman from Miami, FL placed her bag on the seat behind her while she was eating. When she had finished her meal and was getting ready to leave, she realized that her bag was gone. Police searched the area but couldn't locate her missing property. Items stolen were an Apple Mac valued at $2,000, an external hard drive costing $300, a burgundy wallet priced at $200, a power cord, bag, passport, and debit and credit cards.

Laptop on the Loose

A laptop was stolen from a department store on Wooster Street. Sometime between 5 and 6 PM on Friday, November 8, a laptop was removed from the store without permission or authorization. The laptop had been secured to a wall, and wires had been cut with an unknown tool. The store surveillance camera did not photograph the theft. There was no tracking software on the stolen laptop, which was a MacBook Pro 9.1 valued at $1,800. Laptops had been stolen from the same establishment previously.

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