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Shoplifting in Soho

A man shoplifted a fur coat from a clothing boutique on Mercer Street. At 1:40 PM on Wednesday, November 20, a man entered the store and looked around as if he was shopping. He examined and removed a tan fur coat hanging on a rack and, when no one was looking, left the store with the coat without paying for it. Video of the incident is available. Upon exiting the store, the man turned left on Mercer and headed northbound. The store had reported receiving suspicious calls from the phone number 646-489-9286 during the shoplifting incident. The stolen coat was a tan Marc Jacobs fox fur coat valued at $11,000.

The day prior, a woman shoplifted a fur coat from a clothing boutique on Spring Street. At 1:40 PM on Tuesday, November 19, a short, heavy woman (5'2", 250 pounds) entered a clothing boutique on Spring Street and removed a fur coat from a store rack, placed it over her arm, and exited the store. Video cameras captured the incident. A manager from a neighboring store witnessed a man with dark hair and features driving eastbound on Spring Street with his blinkers on alongside of the woman. The witness further observed the woman enter the boutique, shoplift the coat, and flee in the vehicle with the man. The vehicle was described as a 2002 gold or silver Nissan Altima with New York State plates GAR5443. The stolen coat was a Maje fur coat valued at $2,260.

Multiple pairs of leggings were stolen from a clothing boutique on Prince Street later the same week. At 6:25 PM on Saturday, November 23, a man entered the store and stole eight pairs of leggings. The theft was caught on video. The leggings taken were eight pairs of Club Monaco Tasha leggings valued at $1,302.

Gang Assault

A young man was attacked and robbed by a group of teenagers. At 3 PM on Thursday, October 31, a 17-year-old man was walking southbound on the Avenue of the Americas when he was approached by three unknown 17-year-olds who struck him in the head several times with closed fists. One perpetrator pulled the victim's chain off his neck before all three fled on foot. The stolen chain was a herringbone necklace valued at $60.

Bad Bump

A pickpocket stole a woman's wallet on Broadway. At 5:15 PM on Friday, November 22, a woman from West Long Branch, NJ secured her wallet in her purse as she was leaving her office building on Broadway. She later told police she might have been bumped on the corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway, and when she went to recover her wallet as she entered the subway at Fulton Street and Broadway, she discovered that her wallet was missing. No unauthorized charges appeared on her credit cards. Police searched the area but could not find her wallet. The items stolen were a Louis Vuitton wallet valued at $900, $800 in cash, ferry passes worth $625, a J. Crew gift card priced at $100, a BLBG gift card valued at $100, a Macy's gift card worth $50, a driver's license, and a debit and credit card. The total amount stolen came to $2,575.

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