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Bags Bagged

A man shoplifted seven bags from a department store on Broadway. At 7:20 PM on Thursday, November 21, a man put seven pieces of luggage into a brown laundry bag and fled the store; video is available of the theft. The man fled southbound on Broadway. The items stolen were seven pieces of Michael Kors luggage valued at $280 apiece, making a total of $1,959.

Swine Few

A woman was ripped off and burglarized by a home contractor. On Monday, July 8, a 75-year-old woman living on West 73rd Street hired a contractor named Luis Few to do work on her apartment. At 9 AM Lewis arrived with an unknown man, whom he introduced as his son, to assist in the work. At 9:30 the woman left the apartment, leaving Luis and his son alone in the premises. When she returned, Luis asked to be paid for the work in advance. She paid him, and then Luis and his son left the apartment, never to return. The woman further discovered that jewelry was missing from her bedroom dresser. Later, while watching New York 1 on TV, the woman found that Luis Few and his son had been arrested for similar actions, and that Luis Few also went by the name of Gino Delmaro. The items stolen from the apartment were a 1/2-inch-thick 14-karat yellow metal chain valued at $2,000 and a small thin chain of 14-karat yellow metal with gold hearts valued at $500. The total value of the loot stolen came to $2,500.

Break-In and Taken

A woman's apartment was broken into and burglarized. At 8:50 AM on Tuesday, November 26, a 27-year-old woman living on West 85th Street left for work. At 3:45 PM, she got a call from her super reporting that someone had broken into her home. A neighbor had found her door open and alerted the super at around 3:20. The super managed to fix the door before the woman returned home that evening. The items stolen were Betteridge Jewelers diamond earrings valued at $2,000, a gold ring worth $2,000, another gold ring priced at $1,000, oval hoop gold earrings valued at $500, round hoop gold earrings costing $500, a silver ring worth $500, drop gold earrings priced at $250, purple flower gold earrings costing $200, a blue stone silver ring valued at $150, gold earrings costing $150, Agatha flower earrings worth $100, turquoise stud flower earrings costing $100, gold earrings valued at $50, and faux diamond gold earrings priced at $50. The total stolen amounted to $7,550.

Cell Hell

On Sunday, October 20, three cell phone accounts were opened at a dental practice on West 70th Street without the dentist's knowledge or permission. The person suspected of opening the accounts was a 32-year-old female employee at the practice. The total of cell bills amassed under the fraudulent accounts came to $40,674.

Green Dot Plot

Unknown perpetrators posing as IRS representatives conned a man out of his money. At 12:30 PM on Friday, November 22, a 56-year-old man working at a bodega on the Southeast corner of Columbus Avenue and West 60th Street received a phone call from 1-855-547-3676 and was told, "This is the IRS; you owe money." The victim was then told to purchase Green Dot Money Pak cards and to call back with the payment codes. He complied, turning over $1,400.

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