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So Low in Soho

There were more reports this week of shoplifting incidents in Soho stores. At 4:15 PM on Friday, November 29, a man entered a store on Mercer Street and stole two pairs of sunglasses. Video is available of the incident. The stolen sunglasses were products of Cutler and Gross, one pair valued at $500 and the other costing $660, for a total of $1,160.

At 1:30 PM on Monday, November 5, a 50-year-old man took a handbag from a clothing boutique on Prince Street without permission. The theft was captured on video. The thief was arrested November 27 and charged with grand larceny. The handbag stolen was a Hobo handbag valued at $1,500.

At 5 PM on Wednesday, November 27, an unknown perpetrator stole a bag from a clothing boutique on Thompson Street. A 51-year-old female employee of the store reported a lot of foot traffic in the store before it closed. No video is available of the incident. The bag taken - a navy Hermes Kelly bag valued at $4,500 - was displayed on a shelf with two other luxury bags.

Tamrac Attack

Someone stole a man's camera bag from an espresso bar on Greene Street. At 6 PM on Sunday, December 1, a 23-year-old man from Jersey City, NJ was sitting on a stool in the espresso bar charging his phone, with his camera bag placed beside him on the ground. About twenty-five minutes later, he realized that his camera bag and its contents were missing. Video is available of the incident. No unauthorized charges appeared on his credit cards, which he canceled. The items stolen were a Nikon D 3000 camera valued at $600, a Nikon 50 mm 1.4 lens costing $500, a Fuji film camera priced at $300, a camera lens valued at $200, a camera light worth $180, a Tamrac camera bag valued at $120, a camera charger costing $80, plus a pouch wallet, debit and credit cards, a house key, and a passport.

Wallet Street

A woman's wallet was taken while she was shopping at a department store on Wall Street. At 1:43 PM on Wednesday, November 27, a 56-year-old woman had finished shopping and was paying for her merchandise. She placed her wallet in her purse. When she got outside the store, she realized that her wallet was missing. Video is available inside the store. No usage was reported on her credit card. The woman told police that she had not been bumped or jostled. Items taken were a black wallet valued at $200, $600 in cash, an American Express card, gift cards, and a New York State driver's license. The total amount stolen came to $800.

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