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File Under"Suspicious Activity"

Police have spotted a burglary pattern in southern Manhattan, citing three incidents - all apparently the work of one man. Over Thanksgiving weekend, two restaurants were broken into in the same building between Cedar and Pine Streets. In both break-ins, the intruder, who was wearing what appeared to be an ID tag around his neck, looked through file cabinets with a flashlight but took nothing from the premises, even though there were objects of value to steal. In the third incident, however, which took place in a restaurant on Broome Street, a man who appears to be the same individual was seen on video again searching through file cabinets, but this time he took $3,000 in cash.

Keep Watch!

A man lost an expensive watch while playing squash. At 12 noon on Sunday, December 8, a 29-year-old man was playing squash at a racquet club on Whitehall Street. He left his silver-and-gold Rolex watch in a cubbyhole next to the court, where he could keep an eye on it. When he finished playing after about an hour and a half, he went back to his home nearby, forgetting the watch. He soon realized what he had done and returned to the gym, only to find the watch was missing. The Rolex was valued at $8,000.

Lingerie Away

A women's lingerie boutique on Broadway was hit by shoplifters in two separate incidents. At 1:30 PM on Sunday, December 8, a man and four female accomplices made off with $3,700 worth of undergarments. At 4:30 PM that same afternoon, a different woman shoplifted about $1,100 worth of undergarments. Both incidents were caught on video.


Shoplifters took merchandise from a luxury boutique on Mercer Street on two separate occasions. At 11:30 AM on Wednesday, December 4, a man took a $3,000 purse off the shelf and left the store without paying. t around 2:30 PM on Sunday, December 8, the same man, this time aided by a male accomplice, took two bags costing a total of $4,000. Store video captured both incidents.

Hot Cuts

Someone stole 150 pounds of cold cuts from a delivery truck. At 6 AM Friday, December 6, a driver was delivering cold cuts and left his truck unlocked. When he returned to the truck, he found that five boxes of cold cuts had been taken, weighing 150 pounds and valued at $800.

Parking Officer Injured

A driver injured a parking enforcement officer in an attempt to avoid receiving a ticket. In the afternoon of December 1, a driver saw the parking officer issuing a parking summons for his silver Mercedes-Benz. The driver jumped into his car and sped off, striking the officer and causing minor injuries. Video may be available of the incident. The officer was taken to a nearby hospital, treated, and released.

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