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A woman stole money from another woman's wallet in a bodega. Between 1 and 2 PM on Wednesday, December 18, a woman entered a bodega on Lexington Avenue and laid her wallet on a stack of magazines while she was buying a lottery ticket. She left the store, forgetting her wallet. When she returned a little while later, the wallet was still where she had placed it, but $1,200 in cash inside the wallet was missing. Store video showed another woman removing the money.

Check Heck

Someone wrote a fraudulent check against a man's bank account. At 1 PM on Tuesday, December 17, a 60-year-old man was checking his bank account when he saw that someone had transferred $40,000 from his savings to his checking account and written a fraudulent check in that amount. The man had the genuine blank check bearing the number of the fraudulent check in his possession.

Sour Seventeen

Someone made a number of fraudulent charges against a man's bank account. At 10 AM on Saturday, December 14, a 56-year-old man received an e-mail from his bank, alerting their customers to suspicious account activity. The man checked his account and found that seventeen fraudulent charges had been made, totaling $1,704.31.

Drugstore Bust

A drugstore employee was arrested for making fraudulent charges. During the period between November 26 and December 15, a 24-year-old female employee of a drugstore on First Avenue purchased gift cards totaling $4,000, using unauthorized credit cards. She was arrested on December 18 and charged with grand larceny.

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