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Beauty Booty

A woman stole another woman's coat from a nail salon. At 5:05 PM on Friday, December 13, a 30-year-old woman entered the salon, placed her jacket on a coat rack in the back of the establishment, and proceeded to get her nails done. She last saw her coat at 6:05 PM. When she returned to the rack to get her coat at 6:45 PM, the garment was gone. A store manager had seen a 5'7" blonde woman leave with the other's outer garment. The stolen article was a Burberry fur collar coat valued at $2,000.

Nassau Nasties

Two men committed an armed robbery in a jewelry store on Nassau Street. At 4:30 PM on Saturday, December 14, a 41-year-old male employee of the jewelry store was sitting in the store's back room when two men, one of them 40 years old, entered the store. The employee confronted the men and tried to push them out of the store. One of the intruders then displayed a black firearm and forced the employee and his 15-year-old daughter into the back room. The robbers used zip ties to secure the daughter's hands, and vacuum cord to tie up the father's feet and hands. They next removed a large amount of jewelry from display cabinets and from the desk inside the back room. One of the robbers also snatched a chain from around the employee's neck. Both robbers wore gloves at all times. The thieves then left the store, fleeing in an unknown direction. Video is available of the incident. Items stolen were forty-five diamond engagement rings valued at $50,000, a stainless steel chain pendant priced at $800, thirty huggy earrings costing $20,000, and ten necklaces valued at $20,000, for a total haul of $90,800.

In and Out

A man boosted a mink coat from a boutique on Mercer Street. At 5:25 PM on December 11, a man entered the boutique, approached a male employee, and asked, "Do you work here?" When the employee responded in the affirmative, the visitor asked, "Does the door open in or out?" and fled the store northbound on Mercer, taking a Marc Jacobs women's white fur mink coat valued at $8,900. The employee pursued the thief but lost him near the intersection of Broadway and Bleecker Street. Store video in the captured the incident.

Message Mess

At 10:40 PM on Tuesday, December 17, a 45-year-old man was standing by the subway door in a 3 train heading southbound toward Brooklyn. He had his phone out looking at messages, when an unknown man snatched the phone from his hand and ran off the train at the Park Place Station. he phone was equipped with a Find My iPhone app and showed the phone's last known location as Bainbridge Street in Brooklyn. The phone stolen was a black Apple iPhone valued at $600.


A man mugged a woman on the street at 4:20 PM on Thursday, December 12. A 33-year-old woman made a withdrawal at a bank on Broadway and left the location, when she was approached from behind on the sidewalk by an unknown man. The man put his arm around her and said, "Shut up and do not scream." The suspect then walked the woman across Broadway while simulating an unknown weapon pressed to her right side. The mugger then said, "Give me everything you took out of the bank" before removing an envelope containing $1,430 in cash from the victim's hand. The thief continued to walk the woman southbound on Broadway before fleeing in an unknown direction at Broadway and Maiden Lane. Police searched the area but could not find the robber or the cash.

Give Her Backpack Back!

Someone took a woman's backpack while she was shopping in a store. At 2:30 PM on Tuesday, December 10, a 63-year-old woman from Brooklyn was shopping at a clothing store on Broadway, when someone removed her backpack from her shopping cart without her knowledge. When she realized that her backpack was missing, she canceled all her credit cards, and found that there were no unauthorized charges. The items stolen were $280 in cash, an iPhone 4S valued at $200, a red leather backpack costing $100, and a leather wallet priced at $20. The total stolen came to $600.

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