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Wake-Up Haul

A man was mugged on the street early in the morning. At 7:30 AM on December 11, a 50-year-old man was walking down 59th Street when two 20-year-old men approached him and said, "Do not move!" They put their hands inside his pockets and removed $30 in cash.

Copped Computer

A woman's apartment was burglarized. At 5 PM on December 11, a 26-year-old woman returned home to her apartment on 72nd Street and discovered that her Apple Mac laptop was missing. There were no signs of forced entry. The computer was valued at $2,000.

Axe Axed

Someone stole a guitar and amplifier from a man's parked car. At 8:00 PM on November 23, a 23-year-old man returned to his parked car at the corner of 84th Street and Amsterdam Avenue to find that the front driver's side window had been smashed and his guitar and amplifier had been stolen. The guitar was valued at $800 and the amplifier was priced at $300, making a total haul of $1,100.

Bathroom Take

A man's laptop was taken from a restaurant table. At 8 PM on December 13, a 30-year-old man left his laptop on his table in a restaurant on 79th Street while he went to the bathroom. When he returned, his laptop was gone. The stolen computer was a Visio valued at $1,500.

Jacket Jack

An outdoor gear store on Broadway was hit by four shoplifters. At 6:40 PM on December 15, four unknown perpetrators took $3,600 in jackets from the store.

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