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Two men posing as sanitation workers burglarized a bar. At 8:30 AM on Monday, December 30, the men accosted the owner of a nightclub on Beekman Street outside the establishment. One of the men distracted the owner, threatening to write a summons for garbage left on the street, while the other fake sanitation worker went inside the bar and removed $400 in cash that was kept underneath the register.

Beekman Baddies

Three thugs held up a man at knifepoint on the street. At 1 AM on Thursday, January 2, a man in his twenties was walking on Beekman Street when three men followed him, pursued him as he crossed the street, and threw him down to the ground while pointing a knife at him, demanding that he surrender his property. They took his iPhone and wallet containing his driver's license, various credit cards, a New York MetroCard, and a DC MetroCard. One of the perpetrators, a 32-year-old man, was later identified and arrested on Lafayette Street and charged with armed robbery.


A Japanese restaurant was broken into and burglarized. Store video revealed that at 12:20 AM on Thursday, January 2, a man carrying a knapsack broke through the front door of the restaurant on Water Street, jumped the counter, and removed $1,700 from two cash registers. He was wearing latex gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints.

Off Their Lockers

Four men had their gym lockers broken into at a fitness club on Broadway. Between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 PM on Monday, January 6, someone broke the locks on the lockers and stole property from three of them. Two of the men had cash stolen, and one had credit cards and cash stolen, making a total haul of $420.

Boss Loss

Someone stole a bag from two Danish tourists on the street. At 6 PM on Friday, January 3, two male tourists in their twenties put down a bag while they were talking at the corner of West Broadway and Leonard Street. The next thing they knew, they realized that the bag had been stolen, along with its contents, including $900 in cash and two Hugo Boss jackets valued at $500 and $700 respectively.

Earring Shearing

A robber made off with earrings from a jewelry store. At 12:55 PM on Thursday, January 2, a man in his thirties entered the store on Church Street and asked to view items on display. He then took two pairs of diamond earrings totaling $2,500 from the display case and exited the store, fleeing in an unknown direction.

NYPD ADVISORY: NEVER leave your property unattended!

Regular CRIME WATCH readers know that every hour of every day, unattended valuables "walk away" from their rightful owners in NYC. A woman leaves her purse under or on the back of her chair in a restaurant or bar? a tourist puts down a bag while consulting a map on the street? a coffee shop customer leaves a laptop on the table while using the restroom. ALWAYS keep an eye ? or a hand ? on your property when you're out and about! The little bit of extra care you take to secure your property will save you a considerable amount of money and grief.

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