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Someone snatched a woman's iPhone on the street. At 9 PM on Monday, January 6, a 40-year-old woman was walking on Broadway and 66th Street, when an unknown perpetrator grabbed her iPhone and fled the scene. The iPhone was valued at $600.

Stand and Deliver

A newsstand on Broadway was broken into and burgled. During the early morning hours of Sunday, January 5, someone cut the lock of the newsstand, entered, and stole $3,700 in cash and $4,000 worth of cigarettes.

Coffee Take

A woman's purse was taken in a coffee shop. At 2 PM on Saturday, January 4, a 28-year-old woman placed her purse on the back of her chair in a coffee shop on Columbus Avenue. When she next reached for her purse, she found that it was gone, along with its contents, including a wallet, $15 in cash, and various credit cards.

Happy New Year!

Someone stole a woman's purse from a hotel just an hour into the new year. At 1 AM on Wednesday, January 1, a 22-year-old woman left her purse on a chair in the bar of the hotel on West 63rd Street while she went to the restroom. When she returned, her purse was gone, along with her wallet and credit cards inside.

Bad Date

A man's date stole several items of his property. On Wednesday, January 1, a 52-year-old man met another man at a bar and brought him home to his apartment on West 66th Street. When the victim woke up the following day, he found that his new friend was gone, along with his laptop valued at $2,000, plus his wallet and credit cards.

Take Two Tablets

Two tablets were shoplifted from a chain office supply store on Broadway. An 8 PM on Monday, January 6, an unknown perpetrator made off with two Microsoft Surface tablets, each valued at $750. Store security cameras captured the incident, which may help police identify the thief.

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