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Someone made off with a woman's purse in a club. At 12:30 AM on Saturday, January 11, a 30-year-old woman left her bag unattended on a chair inside a nightclub on Varick Street. When she returned twenty minutes later, she found that her bag was missing. There were no witnesses to the theft, and her cell phone lacked tracking software. The items stolen were a Tory Burch purse valued at $300, a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone priced at $600, a New York State driver's license, a Coach wallet costing $100, $4 in cash, a debit card, a Victoria's Secret credit card, and a Colombian government ID card. The total amount stolen came to $1,004.

Over the Counter and Out of the Store

Two men shoplifted a number of over-the-counter drugs. At 8:30 PM on Wednesday, January 8, two men walked into a chain drug store on Broadway, headed down to the basement, and laid a large plastic reusable bag on the floor before putting sixty-five bottles of various over-the-counter medications into the bag and exiting the store. Video is available of the incident. The medications stolen were twenty-one bottles of Zantac priced at $509, twenty-nine bottles of Advil valued at $467, two bottles of NyQuil costing $206, three bottles of Zegerid costing $100, seven bottles of Prevacid valued at $90, and three bottles of Aleve costing $26, for a total of $1,398.

Unlocked and Undone

Someone stole items from a man's SUV. At 9:30 AM on Friday, January 10, a 41-year-old man parked his white 2004 Mercedes SUV on the northwest corner of Gold Street and Spruce Street. When he returned at 12:30 PM, he found that the rear side door was not fully shut, and he realized that property had been taken from inside the car. He had apparently locked the front doors but not the rear doors. The items stolen were a Kipling bag valued at $190, $1,050 in cash, various credit cards, a checkbook, and New York State driver's license.

U-Lock, We Steal

Two bicycles were taken outside a gym on Fulton Street. At 4 PM on Sunday, January 12, a 40-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man locked their bikes outside a gym on Fulton Street. When they returned at 5:45 PM, they found that their rides were gone. They had left their bikes U-locked and chained to an overhead scaffold; now the U-Locks and the chain were missing. Police searched the area but could not locate the missing bicycles. The bikes stolen were a blue Jamis road bike valued at $3000 and a red-and-white Gary Fisher mountain bike costing $850, for a total theft of $3,850.

Sack Time

A woman's handbag was lifted while she slept on a bus. At 5:30 PM on Monday, January 6, a 35-year-old woman got on a downtown X 28 bus at 42nd Street and Broadway and fell asleep in her seat. When she woke up at Charles Street and Broadway, she discovered that her bag was gone. The stolen items included a Hermes handbag valued at $900, a Louis Vuitton scarf costing $200, and $50 worth of cosmetics, for a total haul of $1,150.

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