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Garbage Men Part Two

One of two men posing as sanitation workers was arrested for robbing a bar. Replaying an incident from two weeks before, two men posed as sanitation workers on Friday, January 17, at 8AM. While one of the men distracted an employee of a bar on Murray Street, threatening to ticket the establishment for garbage left on the street, the other went inside and removed $710 from the cash register. This time, however, one of the thieves ? a 52-year-old ? was identified and arrested the following weekend.

Fulton Street Assault

An elderly man was attacked by a disturbed individual. At 2 PM on Wednesday, January 15, a 74-year-old man was walking on Fulton Street when a 24-year-old man attacked him without warning. The attacker punched the elderly man in the face, causing a laceration on the bridge of his nose, as well as a broken ankle when the old man fell from the force of the punch. The victim was taken to New York Downtown Hospital, while the attacker was chased by witnesses and arrested by police in the subway.


A man walked off with $4,200 of women's clothing from a boutique on Prince Street. At 6 PM on Saturday, January 18, a man walked into the store, picked up a number of garments off a couch, and walked out of the store without paying. The stolen merchandise included four sweaters, four tabby shirts, five olive pants, and 15 pairs of gray jeans. A video camera inside the store caught the incident.

Lingerie Larceny

Four women stole $4,000 worth of underwear. At 12 noon on Sunday, January 19, the women walked out with 300 pairs of underwear from a popular chain lingerie store on Broadway. The robbery was discovered when employees were reviewing security video later. The video showed one of the four women distracting a store employee while the other three grabbed the underwear and put it in a bag.

Too Many Bags

Someone stole a man's bag on the street. At 11 PM on Saturday, January 18, a man arrived outside his apartment building on Prince Street and unloaded seven or eight pieces of luggage onto the sidewalk. He could only manage to bring two of the bags into his building at a time, and when he was done, he discovered that one of the bags had been taken. Its contents included an iPad valued at $300, an unknown amount of cash, various credit cards, and $200 in antique postcards.

Teen Terror

Four teenaged girls attacked a woman in the subway. At 3:30 PM on Thursday, January 16, four girls approached a 33-year-old woman on a northbound 4 or 5 train. One of the girls had words with the woman and pushed her. She pushed back, and then one of the girls punched her in the face and kicked her while trying to take her pocketbook. The attackers fled at the Wall Street station, while the woman was taken to the hospital to treat swelling to her head. She did manage to retain possession of her pocketbook.

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