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9G ID Theft

A woman became the victim of identity theft. On Wednesday, January 29, a 42-year-old woman got a message from her bank reporting that a purchase totaling $204.95 had been made to a debit card she still had in her possession. More troubling, the bank reported that someone had transferred $9,000 from her savings account to her checking account and that the $9,000 had been withdrawn at a bank teller.

Unlocked Locker

Someone stole property from a man's gym locker. On Monday, February 10, a 28-year-old man returned to his gym locker at 9:40 AM to discover that his combination lock was missing from the locker. The locker was open, and some of his property was on the floor. He then discovered that other property was missing, including a black Coach wallet, a Nintendo portable game system, his car and house keys, and a variety of credit cards. He canceled the cards, and no unauthorized usage was reported.

Traffic Agent Assault

A man was arrested after assaulting a traffic agent. At 1:20 PM on Saturday, February 8, a mail traffic agent was issuing a summons on Lexington Avenue between East 71st and East 72nd Streets, when he was hit in the back of the head by an assailant. The attacker tried to hit the agent again with a shovel, but the agent fled the scene. Police canvassed the area and were able to positively identify the attacker, a 39-year-old man. He was arrested and charged with felony assault.


Another woman was the victim of identity theft. At 11 PM on Wednesday, February 5, a 56-year-old woman received a phone call from American Express asking if she had opened a new account. She replied that she had not and then went online to check her credit report, where she found that both an American Express and a Citibank account had been opened in California using her name. Online purchases had been charged to both accounts in California, and the credit cards had been sent to an address in California. Police had no record of the total amount of the purchases charged.


Safeguard your apartment and home.

Recent burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood.

Be alert for suspicious activity.

Perpetrators are gaining entry by:

? Forcing locked doors, mainly the front, due to inadequate locks.

? Front doors left open and unsecured.

? Unlocked rear windows.

? Fire-escape windows.

Remember to:

1. Secure all windows and doors.

2. Install and lock secondary locks.

3. Do NOT leave your electronics (laptops, iPods, etc.) near your windows in plain view.

4. Install only FDNY-approved safety gates on fire-escape or ground-level windows.

PROTECT YOUR HOME: Your local precinct Crime Prevention Survey consists of a walk-through of your home and a list of security recommendations to help prevent your chances of being burglarized. Call your local precinct and ask the crime prevention officer for this FREE service.

If you have any information regarding any burglaries, please contact your local precinct detective squad.

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