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Hand Off

Someone swiped a woman's handbag. At 2:30 PM on Monday, February 10, a 22-year-old woman was in a chain coffee shop on Broadway when she realized that someone had stolen her bag. The contents of the bag included $42 in cash and a number of credit cards. Video is available of the incident.

Retired Attire

Three men shoplifted clothing from a store on Broadway. At 1:30 PM on Saturday, February 8, three 25-year-old men went the clothing shop and stole $1,092 worth of clothing. Video is available of the incident.

Slacks Jack

Pants were stolen from a local clothing store. At 8 PM on Friday, February 7, an unknown perpetrator stole 31 pairs of pants valued at $2,600 from a clothing store on Broadway.

Fit Hit

A man's gym locker was broken into and his property taken. At 2 PM on Saturday, February 8, a 58-year-old man discovered that someone had broken into his locker in a gym on West 62nd Street and stolen his property, including a Casio watch valued at $155, plus a number of credit cards.

Casement Case

Someone broke into and robbed a neighborhood business. At 4 AM on Wednesday, February 5, an unknown perpetrator broke the front window of a business on West 72nd Street, entered the establishment, and stole $25 from the cash register. No video is available of the break in.

Triple Threat

A trio of thugs stole over-the-counter drugs. At 10:30 PM on Saturday, February 22, three men went into a drug store on Broadway and made off with more than $3,000 worth of over-the-counter drugs, including Advil and Mucinex.

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