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Drunken Club Assault

A man was arrested after a drunken assault on two women. At 4 AM on Saturday, February 22, a 23-year-old Queens man began throwing bottles around a club on Varick Street. One of the bottles struck a 27-year-old woman in the face, while another bottle hit a 23-year-old woman in an eye socket, leading doctors to fear that she might lose her sight in that eye. The facial-injury victim was taken to New York Downtown Hospital for treatment, while the woman with the injured eye socket was taken to the Hospital for Special Surgery. Police arrested the perpetrator, who had a record of prior arrests for felony, assault, and robbery.
Parked and Picked
Someone snatched a bag from an unattended car on the street. At 10 PM on Wednesday, February 26, an unknown perpetrator stole a bag out of a car parked on Amsterdam Avenue. The bag contained a wallet and other property valued at $1,000.

Drug Thug

At 10 PM on Tuesday, February 25, an unknown perpetrator stole $2,200 worth of over-the-counter drugs from a chain drug store on Broadway. Video is available of the incident.

Dream Bra Nightmare

Two thieves lifted bras from a lingerie store. At 10 AM on Tuesday, February 25, two unidentified robbers stole forty Dream Bras worth $2,100 from a chain lingerie store on Broadway.

Bangles Burgled

Jewelry went missing as a West Side woman was moving last week. On Wednesday, February 26, a 37-year-old woman living on West End Avenue was in the middle of her move, when she discovered that $3,700 worth of her jewelry had gone missing.

Scottsdale Tale

Someone stole money from a man's checking account without permission or authorization. At 9:34 AM on Saturday, February 22, a 56-year-old man got a call from Chase Bank, advising him that an unknown person had withdrawn $2,850 from his checking account at a Scottsdale, AZ branch of the bank without permission or authorization. The same person also withdrew $6,735 at the same branch to purchase a cashier's check made out to a Peter Fernandez.

Replacement Displacement

Another Manhattan resident became the victim of identity theft. At 9 AM on Thursday, February 6, a 30-year-old man tried to use his bank card, when he was informed that the card had been deactivated. He then discovered that an unknown person in California had used his personal information to obtain a replacement of his bank card, making withdrawals of $7,650 on February 5 and $2,000 on February 6, both transactions taking place in California.

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