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Wiley westchester thief

A man was arrested for stealing a woman's bag. At 2:45 PM on Thursday, February 20, a 26-year-old woman withdrew $250 in cash at a bank on Broadway. As she exited the bank, an 18-year-old man engaged her in conversation and accompanied her to a deli on Broadway. The pair continued their conversation until they reached Morris Street, at which point the young man grabbed the woman's bag containing the cash, an iPad, and a black watch and attempted to flee. Fortunately, police were on the scene, and they nabbed the young perpetrator, who had prior arrests for burglary near his home in Westchester.

You Know the Drills

A homeless man was arrested for trying to steal tools from a construction site. At 2 AM on Thursday, February 20, a 44-year-old man entered a construction site on Beekman Street without authorization and attempted to make off with two drills, a battery charger, and a battery. He had been spotted entering the location, however, and police arrested him as he exited the site.

Slip and Fail

A teenaged girl attempted but failed to steal a woman's cell phone. At 2 PM on Monday, February 24, a 30-year-old woman was walking on the southwest corner of Broadway and Broome Street while she was texting on her cell phone. A teenaged girl approached her and attempted to snatch the phone, but fell down and dropped the device. The 30-year-old managed to recover her phone, and the teen fled in an unknown direction.

Errant Errands

Someone removed a man's valuables from his car. At 2 PM on Sunday, February 23, a 64-year-old man returned with his son to their home on Duane Street after having driven around for some hours, doing errands. When they were getting out of the car, they noticed that items were missing from the vehicle, including an Apple laptop, a number of gift certificates, and a shoulder bag, with a total value of $2,088.

Underwear Overdose

A woman shoplifted 105 pairs of women's underwear. At 3:45 PM on Friday, February 21, a woman in her twenties entered a chain lingerie store on Broadway and made off with 105 pairs of underwear valued at $1,300. Video is available of the incident.

Drunken Club Assault

A man was arrested after an assault on two women. At 4 AM on February 22, a 23-year-old Queens man in a state of inebriation began throwing bottles in a club on Varick Street. One of the bottles struck a 27-year-old woman in the face, causing an injury that required five stitches, while another bottle hit a 23-year-old woman in an eye socket. The first victim was taken to New York Downtown Hospital for treatment, while the woman with the injured eye socket was taken to the Hospital for Special Surgery.

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