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Chloe Woe

Someone removed property from a woman's unlocked gym locker. At 6:10 PM on Wednesday, March 19, a 26-year-old woman opened her locker in a gym on Wall Street and went to the bathroom, leaving her bag in the locker and the locker unlocked. When she returned ten minutes later, her bag was gone. She canceled her missing debit card, and no unauthorized transactions turned up. The items stolen from her locker included a Chloe navy blue leather tan-tassel purse valued at $1,500, an Apple iPad priced at $1,000, a Louis Vuitton leather makeup bag costing $500, a Blackberry Bold cell phone valued at $300, and other items totaling $3,692.

The Maleficent Seven

A safe was stolen from a restaurant office. At 7:30 AM on Monday, March 24, a 52-year-old male employee of a restaurant on Church Street entered the basement office and noticed that the office door was wide open; both the restaurant's office and front doors were usually locked at closing time. The employee entered the office and discovered that the safe containing $4,000 in cash and documents had been taken overnight by an unknown intruder. Police conducted a canvass of the area but were unable to locate the thief or the missing safe. There was a camera inside the office, but its view had been blocked on purpose with an article of clothing; video is available elsewhere inside the restaurant. Neither the restaurant's office or front door showed signs of forced entry. The restaurant lacked a security alarm, and at least seven employees had keys to both doors. The safe itself was valued at $200.

Thin Air

A thief broke into a man's parked car and stole his laptop. At 6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 19, a 37-year-old man parked his car on Barclay Street. When he returned to the vehicle an hour later, he found that the rear driver's-side window had been smashed and his MacBook Air laptop valued at $2,000 was missing from the backseat. A canvass of the area turned up nothing, nor were there any cameras that captured the break-in.

Ready Teddy

Two men shoplifted a pricey jacket from a clothing store. At 2:48 PM on Monday, March 24, two men walked into a clothing store on Mercer Street. The first man tried on some jackets in the fitting room, while the other man sat on the couch in the selling floor waiting area. The man in the fitting room tried on two jackets, walking back and forth between the fitting room and the selling floor. He then put one jacket behind the other, took it back to the fitting room, and came out of the fitting room with one jacket, which he put back on the rack before leaving the store with the other jacket, valued at $2,650. Video is available of the theft. The item stolen was an Ink Blots silk embroidered Teddy.

Burberry Burglary

A man shoplifted a handbag from a department store on Spring Street. A 6:45 PM on Tuesday, March 18, a man removed a black handbag from the store shelf and concealed the bag in the white tote bag with which he had entered the store. He then exited the store without paying. As the handbag had a security tag, the man set off security alarms when he passed through the security checkpoint with two accomplices acting in concert: one a man, the other a woman. Video is available of the theft. The stolen handbag was a Burberry valued at $1,595.

Pizza Dough

A man stole cash and a computer from a pizza shop. Sometime during the night of Friday, March 21, a man clipped the front gate of a pizza shop on Park Place and entered through the front door. He then removed the Dell laptop valued at $1,500 and took $300 in cash from the register. The gate he smashed was itself worth $300. Police conducted a canvass of the area but were unable to locate the pizza prowler. Video is available of the break-in.

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