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Geox Jax

Someone stole a shipment of shoes. At 11 AM on Monday, March 24, a deliveryman left some boxes of merchandise outside a shoe store on Broadway. When he went back out onto the sidewalk to bring the boxes into the store, he found that they were missing. The stolen merchandise was 12 pairs of Geox shoes valued at $1,300.

Fire and an Air

A man's laptop went missing after a fire in his building. Sometime between the hours of 6 PM and 11 PM on Friday, March 21, a man's laptop was removed by an unknown person or persons as fire fighters were attempting to put out a fire in his building on West 76th Street. The missing laptop was an Apple MacBook Air valued at $1,800.

Handheld Withheld

Someone broke into a truck and stole a valuable computer. At 8 AM on Monday, March 24, a man parked his truck on Broadway. When he returned to the vehicle a few minutes later, he discovered that the lock on the back door had been tampered with and a handheld computer valued at $5,000 was missing from inside the truck.

Off the Hook

A woman's bag was taken from under a restaurant bar. On Sunday, March 23, a 45-year-old woman hung her purse on a hook under a bar in a Columbus Avenue restaurant. A few minutes later, when she reached down to retrieve her bag, she discovered that it was missing, along with its contents, including credit cards and an iPhone totaling $3,700. The theft was not captured on video.

Converse and Lose Your Purse

A woman's purse was stolen on the street. At 4:30 PM on Wednesday, March 12, a woman was having a conversation with someone on Broadway when she realized that her purse was missing, along with its contents, including an iPad, a passport, and various credit cards. The total value of the stolen property amounted to $600.

Night Withdrawal Box

Someone removed money from a restaurant's night deposit box. During the overnight hours of Thursday, March 20, an unknown perpetrator removed an envelope containing $2,500 from the night deposit box of a restaurant on Columbus Avenue.

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