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Naked Aggression

A fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend went viral. At midnight on Saturday, April 5, a 23-year-old woman got into a dispute with her ex-boyfriend as she was about to enter her apartment on Water Street. They were arguing, when he grabbed her cell phone and sent out a naked photo of her to all the contacts stored in the phone's memory. He then threw down the phone, pushed her into the apartment, and threw her down, causing a laceration to her right foot. She refused medical attention, and her ex-boyfriend fled the scene.

Deconstruction Site

Valuable equipment and supplies were removed from a construction site. At 8 AM on Monday, April 7, workers returning to a construction site on Broome Street discovered that some $12,000 in materials and equipment had been taken overnight. Items stolen included copper pipes, a pipe cutter, drills, a wood saw, and more. The thieves had gained access by prying two pieces of plywood from the fence surrounding the site.

Nothing Taken!

An intruder broke into a store overnight, but stole nothing. At 8:30 PM on Monday, April 7, a man entered a chain store on Spring Street through the front glass door. He took an elevator to the stock room on the second floor, where he kicked in a glass door and looked around, before leaving the store taking nothing. The incident was captured on video.

Trying-On Experience

Someone stole a young woman's engagement ring. At 2:15 PM on Sunday, April 6, a 23-year-old woman was trying on clothing in a store on Broadway. She left the store before realizing that she had left her engagement ring in the dressing room. She returned there and found that the ring was missing. Store video showed that two women subsequently entered the dressing room, but it is unknown which of the pair might have taken the ring, which was valued at $10,000.

When the Music Stopped

A thief stole a woman's iPhone - while she was listening to music on it. At 9 AM on Thursday, April 3, a 23-year-old woman was walking at the corner of Water and Broad Streets with her headphones in. All of a sudden, the music stopped, and she discovered that someone had unplugged her earphones and removed the iPhone from her pocket. It was valued at $300.

Stroller Roller

A wallet was stolen from a baby stroller. At 8:30 AM on Monday, March 31, a 37-year-old woman was leaving her child at a nursery school on North Moore Street. She entered the building with the child, leaving her wallet in a baby stroller on the sidewalk. When she returned to the stroller five minutes later, she found that her wallet was missing, containing her bank and credit cards. Fortunately, no unauthorized charges turned up.

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