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Jacket Jacked

A man shoplifted a jacket. At 2 PM on Sunday, April 20, a man entered a clothing boutique on Columbus Avenue and made off with a jacket valued at $1,075. Video is available of the incident.

A Lot of Locks

At 10 PM on Wednesday, April 23, a man entered a chain drugstore on Amsterdam Avenue and stole forty locks, worth a total of $1,038, which he stuffed into a suitcase before exiting the store. Bathroom Take

Someone walked off with a man's laptop. At 11 AM on Tuesday, April 22, a 50-year-old man went to the restroom at a chain bookstore on Broadway, leaving his Apple MacBook Air laptop unattended. When he returned from the restroom, he found that his laptop was missing. The laptop was valued at $1,600.

Dressing Room Distress

An unknown perpetrator stole a woman's wallet and credit cards. At 5 PM on Sunday, April 20, a 26-year-old woman discovered that her wallet was missing from the dressing room of a theater on Broadway. The wallet contained a number of credit cards, and the victim told police that unauthorized charges had been appearing on the cards.

Riverside Rip-off

A woman's bike and iPhone were stolen. At 9 PM on Monday, April 21, an unknown man accosted a 29-year-old woman on Riverside Drive and took her bike and iPhone valued at $1,600.

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