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TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE Police say a Florida woman left her purse unattended as she tried on shoes at the Crocs Store on Spring Street. An opportunistic thief reached in and stole her wallet, which contained not only credit cards but her Social Security card. BIKE CRAZE A man's Yamaha recently went missing in Soho, and this past week it looks like cycling thefts are continuing. A red 2008 Honda CBE was stolen outside of Charlton Street. When the owner returned to where he parked, the bike had vanished. The $6,500 two-wheeler was not chained up or locked when it was taken. Police on the scene searched the neighborhood for the motorcycle, but it was nowhere to be found. DIRTY DANCING While dancing at a downtown nightclub with her friends, a 21-year-old woman had a thief reach into the purse slung over her shoulder to steal her Samsung Galaxy III phone. The pickpocket also stole her credit and debit cards. While no charges were made on the credit cards, the crook withdrew $2,100 from her bank account. A Queens woman also thought her wallet was safe in a friend's purse as she partied in a nearby nightclub. When the party ended in the wee hours of the morning, she discovered someone had managed to slip her wallet out of her friend's bag. The thief made several charges on her Bank of America card which were quickly canceled. BROKEN WINDOW A Pennsylvania man in New York visiting friends had his 2008 Range Rover broken into while it was parked on Mercer Street. The early-morning burglars smashed his rear window and stole a Dell XPS laptop valued at $3,000. A $1,200 Nikon camera and a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag were also taken out of the back seat. ( THEFT On a recent night, six thieves wearing baseball caps went into a Soho clothing store while another two served as lookouts. The men stuffed thousands of dollars of denim into shopping bags before they quickly fled. Among the items stolen were 32 pairs of jeans, four jean jackets and nine pairs of shorts for a thread count of $10,851. JEWELRY STORE SACKED A display window at a Soho jewelry store was robbed during business hours. The clerk went to remove the items at the end of the day when she discovered that someone had stolen a collection of four rings and a bracelet. The high-priced adornments, made from a variety of exotic stones such as Peruvian calcite and labradorite, were valued at $4,995 in total. While the store has security cameras, the display window was located in a blind spot, allowing to crook to make off without a trace. AN EVENING STROLL As she took a nighttime stroll down Broadway, a Singapore woman felt something in her purse move. When she looked down, her purse had been opened and her yellow Kate Spade wallet was missing. The wallet contained credit and debit cards, $400 in assorted currency, and her Singapore ID.

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