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Compiled by Alissa Fleck Lockdown A 29-year-old woman was working out at a Wall Street gym when several items were stolen from her unsecured locker-she reportedly left the items in the locker even though her lock was broken. The robber made off with the woman's purse, containing an iPhone, a driver's license, several credit cards and some jewelry. Making a Drive for the Border A Canadian visitor to New York City is temporarily stranded here after his rental car was stolen from its Tribeca parking spot on Sunday, May 6, in the early evening. Inside the stolen vehicle was a cell phone, money, a purse, a GPS, some CDs and a Canadian passport. Calling the Fashion Police A 25-year-old woman reported her wallet was stolen from her purse in Lower Manhattan while she was en route to the PATH train. The woman's credit card records revealed a $720 purchase at Abercrombie & Fitch by the brand-savvy thief before she managed to cancel the card. Also missing were her driver's license, a train ticket and some cash. Caffeine Fiasco A 55-year-old man was waiting in line at a major coffee shop chain for his morning caffeine fix when he noticed his laptop was missing from his bag. While in the shop, he reported, his bag never left his person. The laptop was never recovered from the incredibly sneaky thief. Too Hungry to Notice A 38-year-old woman was eating at a popular lunch chain mid-afternoon on a Tuesday in the Financial District when she noticed her purse had been stolen from where she set it behind her chair. The stealthy thief made off with her iPhone, wallet, passport, credit cards and house keys. Phoning It In A 17-year-old boy was arrested mid-day in Soho after grabbing an iPhone from the hands of a 49-year-old woman, who was texting. A witness apprehended the thief, who produced a pocket knife with the blade exposed. The perpetrator was arrested by officers who discovered a stolen Blackberry in his possession as well. Other evidence collected included multiple cell phone chargers, two iPods, an iPod Touch, two cell phones and a Bluetooth device. In another itheft, on a Monday in Tribeca, a 63-year-old man's company iPhone was grabbed by a young man who proceeded to run off the train they were both riding. The phone's Find My iPhone application returned no results, and the victim decided not to pursue the matter. Additionally, a young man was enjoying himself at a nightclub in Soho on a Friday when he noticed his iPhone had been stolen out of his back pocket. He searched the club for the burglar to no avail, but his phone's tracking system revealed a signal in the Bronx. A 31-year-old man parked his car on the street in Soho on a Saturday and went to dinner, only to return at 2 a.m. to find a window smashed and a backpack missing. The backpack contained $1,670 in cash and a charger, a calculator and a pair of sunglasses. An Ambitious Thief A woman was partying Thursday night at a Soho nightclub when she reached into her purse to discover various items missing, including cash, credit cards, an iPhone and makeup. American Express later called her to approve a $4,000 transaction on her account, which she denied.

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