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Compiled by Adel Manoukian

Fight in the Party Limo

Not everyone has a good time in a party limousine. A verbal dispute between a few friends, turned violent inside a limo parked on the corner of Canal and Washington Streets recently. After arguing for a few minutes, the four friends, all in their late thirties, got out of the car to exchange blows. Two men attacked another man and a woman, say police, and left some injuries in their wake. The man reported a bloody nose and needing a few stitches, while the woman had a fractured ankle. The two aggressors reportedly ran off after injuring the twosome.

Necklace Nabber

It is never a good idea to sleep on the subway. Aside from the rats, grime and odd looks from fellow passengers, you could also make yourself vulnerable for theft just by trying to catch a few winks. A 34-year-old man was sleeping on a northbound E train one early recent morning when he felt someone pulling on the gold chain around his neck. When the man awoke, he immediately slapped the thief's hand away and started shouting at him. Luckily, an armed officer on the train noticed the dispute and as the train pulled into the Canal Street station, the 25-year-old pilferer was arrested. Upon a mandatory search, the officer found a small bag of marijuana in the perp's pocket along with someone else's social security card.

Gone in?20 Minutes

Some honest people work for months to earn $18,190. This speedy robber gained this amount in only 20 minutes. In this unbelievable crime, a 49-year-old man left his 2004 white Cadillac Escalade SUV parked between West Broadway and Duane Street for an appointment. About 20 minutes later, the $18,000 car was gone, along with a $50 pair of pants, $100 worth of books, $10 in cash, headphones and a cell phone charger, each worth $15.

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Three men in their early thirties and late twenties acted in concert on July 6 in a nightclub on Varick to punch and throw bottles at a victim they had never met before. They began beating on the 31-year-old as he was ordering his drink at the bar. Along with head swelling and a laceration to the forehead, the unlucky victim suffered from head trauma. He was fortunately able to recognize the perps before heading to the hospital for treatment.

Effortless Crimes

A thief managed to get lucky recently at a designer boutique on Spring Street. The unknown perp removed a bag worth $5,100 off a shelf and walked out of the store without setting off alarms. A 29-year-old salesperson noticed and called police. She reportedly noted to police that the anti-theft devices on the merchandise that are supposed to set off the alarm system don't always work.

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