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Compiled by Amanda Woods Playground Affair A 47-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man were having consensual sex in a playground on the northeast corner of Marginal Street and East 63rd Street on Saturday morning when a 46-year-old woman walking with her kids spotted them and called the police. Both the man and the woman were arrested. Marijuana Mishap When a police officer stopped a 24-year-old man on the southwest corner of York Avenue and East 65th Street who he realized was driving without a seatbelt on the evening of Aug. 2, he soon discovered a more serious problem-the smell of marijuana permeated the man's car. When the officer asked the man what the smell was, the man admitted that he had been smoking marijuana and showed the officer his pipe with marijuana residue on it. Dermatologist's Office Larceny Someone stole a Dell Latitude Tablet from a dermatology office on East 61st Street between Lexington and Park avenues on the evening of Aug. 2. An employee at the office told police that the tablet was left on top of a work station, plugged in. There were no signs of forced entry, and only doctors and four employees have access to the location where the tablet was charging. There is a spare key kept in a desk in the lobby that must be signed out before borrowed. Checks Stolen An employee of Insomnia Cookies on Second Avenue near East 80th Street told police that someone took three payroll checks from under the store's register and deposited the checks-totaling $1,489.44-in an unknown account. None of the money has been recovered. Hospital Intruder A registered nurse at New York Hospital at 525 E. 68th St. told police that a 53-year-old man became combative and refused to leave the hospital on Saturday afternoon when he was told to. Employees called hospital security, who attempted to remove the belligerent man from the hospital, but he refused, announcing, "I am not going to leave. You're going to have to get the police." The man began flaring his arms while holding a closed pocketknife in his right hand. Hospital security was able to restrain him and removed the knife before they called 911. The man, who was arrested at the hospital, was also found with a small container of unknown pills. Suspicious House Worker A woman who lives on East 76th Street near First Avenue told police that workers from Wood Floor New York was were at her house to work on her 12-year-old son's bedroom. On Aug. 2, the woman noticed that several watches, totaling $2,000, were missing from the room. She said that she had noticed one of the men looking at the watches before, but she did not spot him taking them. She told police that the watches were on her son's shelf before the men went into the room to begin working. Credit Card Trouble Nineteenth Precinct officers dressed in plain clothes noticed that a 23-year-old man was using a stolen credit card to purchase $64 worth of items, including underwear, a jersey and trousers, from the H&M on East 86th Street near Lexington Avenue. Police arrested the man at the store. Church Burglary Someone took a wallet, books, computer cards and various credit cards totaling $1,250 from the Church of the Advent Hope at 111 E. 87th St. on Saturday evening. The building was open to the public and the office door was open, and it didn't have "privacy" or "keep out" signs. None of the items were recovered.

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