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UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT A 23-year-old man was out enjoying the long weekend at a bar on Second Avenue on Sunday night when he became the victim of a possibly random attack. A bar glass sailed through the air just after midnight and struck the man in the face, hitting above his left eyebrow and causing a laceration. The victim said he had no idea who threw the glass, and that he hadn't been in any fights or arguments earlier in the night that might have prompted the aerial assault. Witnesses were just as baffled as to the projectile's origins. TRICKY TABLET THIEF An employee of a production company on Park Avenue was busy putting up a banner outside his storefront on Sunday when he decided to go up to his office and see how it looked. While there, he finished his lunch and noticed that the office's iPad was missing. After canvassing the building, he found some security footage of an unknown man exiting the elevator, looking around and carrying a white plastic bag. A security guard said he asked the man what he had been doing there, and he replied that he was using the bathroom. The possible thief then used his cellphone and left the building in an unknown direction. THWARTED ROBBERY A 48-year-old man was arrested around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday after two witnesses called police. The perp had broken the glass door on a clothing store on Third Avenue and scooped up dozens of pricy items before attempting to escape with the loot. Officers found him, and the witnesses positively identified the man. He had in his possession numerous articles of clothing, worth a total of $3,650, with the tags still on from the store, including five pairs of J brand jeans, a $550 purse, sweaters and shirts. The perp also had a crack pipe in his front pocket when he was arrested. A JEALOUS RAGE A 43-year-old man was hanging out at a pizza place on Second Avenue, talking to a woman he didn't know. This apparently angered a man who did know her. He yelled at the victim and then hurled a glass salt shaker at him, causing a small laceration on his upper lip, before running from the restaurant with the unknown woman in tow. CELLPHONE GRAB-BY A woman was perched on a ledge outside a building on East 88th Street on Sunday, looking at her iPhone, when an unknown teenager ran up, grabbed the phone from her hands, and dashed off down the street toward Second Avenue. INHOSPITABLE HOSPITAL A local woman was checked into an area hospital on an overnight stay. She was sleeping in her room, with her iPad and Galaxy phone placed near her on a tray. When she awoke, she discovered both electronic items missing. The tablet and phone together are worth $1,100. There were no witnesses or surveillance video available, and the hospital could not say what happened.

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