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Missing Mac Last Thursday, a man left his West 71st Street apartment around noon to grab some groceries from a nearby store, locking his front door behind him. When he returned, however, he discovered that his $2,000 MacBook laptop was gone. He also found the back door of his apartment building, which leads to the roof, was open. Home Invasion Around 11 p.m. last Wednesday, a 74-year-old man heard a knock on the front door of his apartment at a building on Broadway. When he opened it, an unknown man punched him in the face, grabbed $200 cash out of his front pocket and fled. The victim suffered severe bruising and swelling on his face but refused to seek medical attention when he informed his building security of what happened, reporting the crime the next day to the precinct. Grande With a Shot of Theft A local man was hoping to enjoy a coffee at a Starbucks location on Broadway last Wednesday morning. He left his table to head to the register, with his camera bag and daughter sitting down. When he came back a minute later, the $3,500 Canon camera and its $2,000 lens were nowhere to be found. Brotherly Love Lost The police were called to the scene of an altercation last Sunday at 9:15 p.m. outside an apartment on Amsterdam Avenue. Two brothers, ages 50 and 53, had been drinking together and then got into an argument that escalated to violence. The older man hurled a glass cup at his younger brother, hitting him in the face and causing a severe laceration. The offending sibling then fled the scene. When officers arrived, the injured brother refused to give them any information, but his girlfriend was a witness and told the cops what happened. The victim was taken to Roosevelt Hospital to treat his injury. Sleep Number Scam A local woman was surprised to open her mail last week and receive statements from company credit card companies informing her that she had balances to pay to both Dell computers and the Sleep Number Bed company. She told police that she had been out of town the day that both accounts were fraudulently opened in her name, and that the Sleep Number Bed she supposedly bought shows that it was delivered across town to a Madison Avenue address. Checked and Unbalanced A local grocery store was informed by Chase bank last week that an unknown person had been siphoning money from their corporate checking account. The bank said someone had cashed six separate checks, for a total of $9,986.88, over several weeks. The store said that the checks did not belong to them and that they didn't match the sequence numbers for the ones they had on hand, leading police to believe the checks were forgeries and not stolen.

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