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HEADPHONE HEIST A 40-year-old man and a trio of teenage girls were arrested on Saturday after attempting to rob an electronics store on Lexington Avenue. At around 1:45 p.m., the perps entered the store and removed six pairs of studio headphones worth almost $2,000. Police caught wind of the heist and pursued the robbers, and during the chase one perp pushed an officer to the ground to divert him, injuring his right hand. When the police caught the robbers, the officers found that they had wire cutters and booster bags in their car. Police recovered the headphones and arrested four of the crooks, but an unidentified fourth female accomplice escaped the scene and is still at large. PIZZA PLACE ROBBERY A pizza place on Second Avenue was robbed on Saturday. The burglary took place around 2 a.m., when an unknown perp broke the front window with a brick and climbed in. The perp swiped an iPad and a cash register with $1,500 cash, together worth roughly $2,000. Security cameras inside the location and at neighboring buildings picked up a few of the perp's physical details, but the perp remains at large. The store's owner did not recognize the robber from the cameras' images. ROAD RAGE An angry driver punched and spat on another young driver when the two got in an argument over a turn. According to the victim of the attack, she made a right turn into the other motorist's driving lane at Madison Avenue and East 59 Street around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. The motorist was not happy with being cut off, and managed to get into a shouting match with the victim, though the exact details of the altercation were not given in the incident's report. The cut-off motorist punched the 22-year-old driver while she was in her car, then spat on her and drove off. The victim was unable to give the driver's physical details, but reported his license plate number to the police after the attack. CELLPHONE SWIPE A teenage girl lost her iPhone on Tuesday, Nov. 2, to an agile thief. The girl was walking around Third Avenue and East 95th Street and took out her phone to make a call at about 10:30 p.m., then all of a sudden a man ran by and snatched the device. The thief fled east on 95th Street then bounded up north along Third Avenue. The victim could not identify the man, though mentioned that he was around 20 years old and 5'5".

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