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FAKE COPS A deliveryman lost his money and iPhone on Saturday when he was swindled by two fake cops. The 25-year-old deliveryman arrived at an apartment building on West 61st Drive around 10:30 p.m. A man greeted him at the building's front door and asked him to step inside the lobby. The deliveryman refused, and a second man emerged and flashed a badge that was hanging around his neck. "I'm a cop, come inside," he said, and told the deliverer to put his hands on the lobby's wall. As the deliverer complied, the two impostors reached inside his pockets and removed $400 and a new iPhone. Before the victim could do anything, they fled into a nearby elevator and escaped. DISAPPEARING SCOOTER An Upper East Side resident's scooter disappeared on Friday when she parked it along Central Park. The 46-year-old arrived at West 64th Street around 8 p.m., then left the vehicle, a red Yamaha Vino, on the street to go about her business in the city. When she returned, the vehicle was gone. She reported the missing scooter to the police, but no nearby security cameras were available to give any clues to the theft. UNFAIR FIGHT A group of young girls ganged up on a woman outside her West 66th Street workplace last week to rob her. The woman walked out of her office at 5 p.m. on Friday and was approached by four strangers. One of the young girls began to accost her, then launched into an attack, punching her head and body. The other three girls quickly joined the melee. One grabbed the woman's purse during the assault, then the four fled toward Columbus Avenue. The woman was left bruised and with cuts, but reported no serious injuries. Her purse contained a yellow metal ring, numerous credit cards and her passport. GRAND LARCENY Over $250,000 was stolen from a West 64th Street resident after she gave her personal information to a fake credit card worker. The theft began last month when the woman, 57, received a call from a stranger who claimed to work for American Express. The stranger told the woman the credit card company needed her personal identification number, and she gave it to the caller. The woman recently checked her bank account and realized that over a quarter of a million dollars was missing, charged throughout the month to expenses in the city and out of state. DRUG BUST WITH A CHASE Two young men were busted during a drug deal on Wednesday, Nov. 14, but one tried to get away. Cops saw the 24- and 25-year-olds exchanging marijuana and money on a street corner along West 59th Street at around 5 p.m. The officers approached the men and began to arrest them, but the 25-year-old lashed out, kicking his arresting officer in the shin and punching him in the head, then fleeing into oncoming traffic as the officer recovered. The cops on the scene could not pursue the perp, but he was apprehended just down the road by other officers as he attempted to escape.

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