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CAUGHT RED-HANDED A sneaky customer swiped a scanner from a pharmacy on York Avenue on Wednesday, Nov. 21, but failed to get away with the robbery. The thief entered the store at 11:30 a.m., picked up a $2,500 Motorola Telzon scanner from the counter, then walked out. No one witnessed the theft, but the scanner snatcher did not account for the store's video surveillance, which captured the entire incident on camera. A 22-year-old suspect was identified, then arrested and charged with grand larceny two days later. PURSE SNATCHER An unidentified man attacked a 51-year-old woman as she was walking along East 80th Street on Monday and seized her purse. According to the victim, an East 85th Street resident, the man approached her around 11 p.m. and demanded money. He then threw her against a pole and onto the ground as he grabbed her purse, but only took a pack of cigarettes from a small bag within the purse. The thief fled toward Fifth Avenue, and remains at large. SHOPLIFT FEVER One shoplifter did not know when to quit on Monday. Workers at a pharmacy on Second Avenue first confronted him outside their store around 4 p.m. after he swiped goods from their store. He argued with the workers, then fled toward East 63rd Street. A witness told the workers that the shoplifter left a shopping bag in a newspaper box on 63rd Street, so the workers went to investigate, and were confronted by the shoplifter, who told them, "That's my stuff." The group got into another dispute, then the thief suddenly grabbed a gold chain off the neck of one of the store workers, a 59-year-old Bronx resident, and fled toward Third Avenue. The workers chased the perp and found the chain discarded on the sidewalk. The thief has not been caught. BODEGA BRAWL Two men got into a fight in a Second Avenue bodega on Saturday. A 37-year-old was talking with friends around the grocery store's entrance before the altercation at about 12:45 a.m., and then was attacked by a 27-year-old, who punched him in the face multiple times. What caused the fight was not reported, but the attacker was arrested for assault shortly after the incident. PHONE SWIPE A young woman riding the M86 bus was busy with her iPhone around 10 p.m. on Monday when the device was suddenly snatched from her hand. Startled, she looked up and saw a teenage boy's back as he ran off the bus at a stop. The victim, a 26-year-old who lives on East 88th Street, stored her driver's license and credit cards in the phone's case. Police were able to arrest the thief, a 15-year-old, later in the day. MEAN CUSTOMER A rowdy patron crossed the line last week when he punched a bar worker in the face. Prior to the attack, the worker, 56, asked the 18-year-old patron and his friends to leave the Third Avenue bar around 1:30 a.m. last Thursday, Nov. 22. The patron was apparently unhappy with this request, and lashed out at the worker, causing a laceration over the worker's right eye. The worker reported the attack to police, and the patron was arrested for assault.

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